About Us

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MOD Eyewear Boutique, LLC

Our mission at MOD Eyewear is to make quality eyewear convenient and affordable for all customers. As a small company, we aim to hold every customer's happiness in our hands. We provide one-on-one attention while offering superior customer service and optical care. 

Meet Your Eyecare Professional

Adrianna Madison, LDO

Our dedicated and experienced Optician will ensure professional services that will meet and exceed your needs. The owner Adrianna Madison has been an eye care professional for 10 years. After graduating from Tennessee State University, earning her Bachelors of Science in Biology, Adrianna knew that being apart of the optical industry was her calling. She is determined to help advocate and educate those who need assistance with enhancing their vision, while providing quality eyewear. Creating what was originally named Madison's Optical Dispensary, Adrianna renamed and launched the company as MOD Eyewear Boutique LLC, in March 2016. Adrianna is a licensed dispensing optician (LDO) in the state of Tennessee. She also upholds a national certification as a Contact Lens Examiner (NCLE) and is currently certified with the American Board of Opticinary (ABO).